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The Modern Singaporean Household's One-Stop Shop for Innovative Products

We value our customers’ trust, thus, we only offer quality products from trusted brands to offer and deliver a great customer experience to our customers.

Company Profile:

Shoppewerks is a one-stop shop for innovative products for Modern Singaporean Households.
We aim to provide customers with a wide variety of quality functional household product choices from different well-known brands.

Our main goal is to provide our customers carefully curated and unique selection of products to;

  1. Find the trendiest and coolest home products in Singapore
  2. Run their homes efficiently by digitalising home appliances
  3. Improve the quality of life through ergonomic and multi-functional appliances
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As a firm that aspires to give customers a wide variety of high-quality, functional home product choices from several well-known brands, Shoppewerks exemplifies the very mission the Hauswerks brand aims to achieve. It is a leg in the Werks series along with Fixwerks, under Fixwerks Corporate, with resemblance to Yeobuild’s Home series consisting of HomeRepair and HomeStore, all of which are functioning under Hauswerks Group.

Fixwerks Corporate and Yeobuild united at the end of 2020, integrating their assets under the umbrella of Hauswerks Group. Since its founding at the start of 2021, Hauswerks Group has competed to become Singapore’s top provider of residential and corporate care services,  driven by a single mission: to deliver top-notch solutions to your everyday issues by leveraging innovative technologies and highly professional staff.

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We understand that you need professional advice for technical purchases.