Benefits of having a Smart Home

People nowadays are on the go, what once were menial tasks are now burdensome.
Everyone is always on the hunt for ways to make life easier, that’s why the most easily accessible solution would be technology.


The concept of smart homes started in the early 2000’s with the boom of electronic gadgets and early phases of automation and in the later came AI.

In today’s smarts homes there is a huge focus in synchronicity everything can be controlled via voice activation, sound , gestures etc.

The level of convenience of having one remote or gadget to access or control your appliances and other gadgets saves you a lot of time in the long run.


Certain automation and syncing have been known to save you more in electric costs by as much as 20%. According to a study conducted by SafeAtLast, 57% of smart home owners save about 30-45 minutes per day by just automating tasks.

Automating your home will save you lots of time and effort in the process. A lot of smart appliances are also more green than their counter parts and some government subsidies and tax benefits are given for going green


One major time saving gadget that every home should have is a smart lock. Imagine rummaging your bag for your keys every time you open your gate/door, some times it takes you a little more time to find them but now you don’t have to use keys.

Smart locks use fingerprint some use a lock number combination , recently there are those that can be synced to your phone, you can open your doors with a simple tap from the synced gadget. Some smart locks even come with cameras , so when someone tries to break in it takes a picture and send it to the device synced to it.

Benefits of having a Smart Home

  • Full control over devices
  • Energy saving
  • Monetary saving
  • Higher Home re-sale value
  • Higher quality of life
  • Cost savings in the long run
  • Ease for the elderly and disabled
  • Highly customisable functions

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