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Why should I buy from Shoppewerks?

We provide professional measurements and installation for your home and give 100% guarantee on the product that we recommend is compatible for your home. Should there be an issue with the installation, we will refund the entire amount back to you! Our partner company – Fixwerks is considered as one of the market leaders in […]

Do you provide installation / modification services?

Yes! In fact this is our forte. Basic Installation fee will be charged according to the type of appliance, this will be included in our product listing page. Any modification required will be additional and can only be advised after site assessment. Upon purchase of the appliance with installation services, no refund can be provided. […]

Are the products genuine and new?

Yes. All products are 100% genuine, direct from the manufacturer. Refurbished/ 2nd hand products will be listed as 2nd hand products in the listing.

Does the product comes with warranty?

Yes. Standard manufacturer warranty is covered for all products purchased from Shoppewerks. All warranty terms and conditions are covered by the original manufacturer unless otherwise stated.