Smart Fittings

The difference between Fixtures and Fittings

  • Fixtures are secured and fixed to the walls or floor ( countertop, sink, toilet)
  • Fittings are free standing items and appliances ( sofa, work table, appliances)

Smart Fittings

  • Appliances/gadgets/furniture you need on a day to day basis, but set in the theme from latest sci-fi movie.
  • These are multi functional, innovative and smart products that are designed specifically to improve and enhance our daily experiences.

We offer state of the art appliances and gadgets trending in todays smart home category.

It is our mission to provide homes with high quality multi functional, ergonomic, smart appliances and
gadgets that help improve lives on a daily basis.

Our latest innovative product.

The Automatic Standing Desk takes functionality and convenience to new heights both figuratively and literally. This innovative product lets the user adjust the desk to the desired comfortable height which is different and innate to each and every user.

This simple but smart feature has a significant impact on user experience since posture and the balance of being active and passive has a major impact your health.

A quick solution for people who are more conscious about their health.

Designed specifically to cater to every inconvenience in our daily routines, from smart watches that adjust your lifestyle based on your health metrics to air filters that purify and ionize the air in your room.

There are a myriad of gadgets and appliances to choose from and Shoppewerks is set out to give every Singaporean a chance to level-up their lives.

All these fittings are all designed to make our daily experiences and over all living conditions optimally future proof.

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